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About us

Blue Skye Stables


Blue Skye Stables is a peaceful, ten horse training facility located in the central Florida town of Geneva.


Horses have been a part of our lives from the very beginning. We have had the great opportunity and privilege to travel extensively and to learn from such great horsemen as:

Cathy Morelli
Arthur Kottas
Charles de Kunffy
J.C. Racinet
Jimmy Wofford
Michael Page
Andreas Hausberger
Carl Meyer

These accomplished riders have inspired us to continue our pursuit of equine excellence. They continually remind us that horsemanship is not merely an athletic endeavor, but also a living, breathing art form.

Horses and humans are multi-faceted and develop as they are able with the guidance of traditional techniques. We recognize that this process cannot be rushed and that optimal development occurs when lessons are presented with compassion, loving patience and consistency.

This is our commitment.

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Amenities Include

- Large, well ventilated stalls
- Central fly system
- Hot water wash area in barn
- Individual grass paddocks
- Three acre “galloping” field
- Mirrored, full size, dressage arena
- Round pen
- Access to miles of trails.


What We Offer

- Instruction
- Training & Board
- Kid's Program (Ages 8-17)
- Trailering to Goal Related Functions
- Customized Individual Support

Our Experience

It is our experience that most "problem horses" are created by ignorance, dispassion and a lack of sensitivity. Restarting them with traditional methods, tempered with compassion, patience and kindness can produce miraculous results.

Our Invitation

We welcome all horse and rider combinations regardless of current proficiency level, discipline or difficulty.

We are available to those who are passionate about generating a deeper connection with themselves and their horse and a more refined level of communication.