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Adagio Farms - about us

Adagio Farms - about us

Adagio Farms - about us


We are very particular about the care of our horses and will treat yours as if they are our own.

- Stalls are large and very well bedded….all have rubber mats over a concrete base and fans.

- We do not use automatic waterers as we want to ensure that each bucket is cleaned daily and, more importantly, that horses are drinking an adequate amount of water.

- Horses are fed four times daily with quality hay and feed of your choice.

- There is a fly system in the barn and to further deter the fly population, manure is removed from the stalls four times daily and hauled off our premises.

- The aisle is wide and uncluttered with three sets of break away cross ties…each is equipped with rubber mats.

- The wash area is also matted and provides hot and cold water.

- All boarders are welcome to use the veterinarian and farrier of their choice.

- Horses may be turned out in individual grass paddocks or in a group environment at your discretion.

- The entire perimeter is fenced with “no climb” fencing and single board construction as are the paddocks…. an electronic gate provides added security against the possibility of a gate being left open.


Since this is our home, we are constantly vigilant as it pertains to the safety and well being of all the horses.

We invite you to join us.