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Adagio Farms - about us Adagio Farms - about us

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Our primary focus is to develop the sensitive, compassionate partnering of horse and rider. The harmonious communication can be seen in those who have elevated horsemanship to "living art," to quote Charles de Kunffy. Our desire is to kindle a passion for the art of traditional horsemanship -- to ride from a place of integrity, heart, soul, and center. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the evolution of horse and rider.

"The ancient Greeks believed the body, mind, and soul to be the three components of a person. These three facets of a rider must always be in perfect balance. The cultivation of one at the expense of the other two components will result in disharmony and discord. However, when equally cultivated and attended to, they will produce a harmonious partnership, which espresses itself in beauty."

- Charles de Kunffy


ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS!!! (Ages 8 – 15) Our Saturday Program is conducted from 9 – 4 throughout the year.


Cost $35.00 per 1/2 hour | $60.00 per hour