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Adagio Farms - about us

Full Board

• Daily group or private (your option) turn out on grass.

• 12X13 well bedded stall. Stalls are “freshened” three times a day.

• Quality hay fed four times a day.

• 12% complete pellet is fed twice daily. Other feeds and supplements available upon request. An additional charge may apply.

Cost from $600.00 per month


Adagio Farms - about us


• Option One: includes three 40 minute sessions per week. Cost $360.00 per month. (12 sessions per month)

• Option Two: includes six 40 minute sessions per week. Student may choose to substitute up to two training sessions for private lessons. Cost $600.00 per month. (24 training sessions per month)



Cost $35.00 per 1/2 hour | $60.00 per hour



Adagio Farms - about us



• Mane Pulling $20.00

• Grooming (when not related to training) $8.00

• Bathing $15.00

• Body Clipping $50.00

• Sheath Cleaning $15.00

• Worming $10-15.00 (depends on product)

• Unspecified fees for veterinary care to be determined at the rate of $20.00 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments)



Saturday Programs
(For kids 8-15 years of age)

Conducted through out the year with the exception of June through August when it is replaced with our Summer Program. Cost $240 - $300 per month depending on whether there are 4 or 5 sessions. We offer an introductory session for the reduced cost of $50.00.

Cost $240-300.00 per month | $50 introductory rate